Spring Sale updated!

Just updated with additional bikes and pricing updates!

In the spirit of spring, we have just updated our sale page of electric bikes! That's right, all of the best deals in one easy place. Starting at $800, we are clearing out old inventory, demos, rentals, trade ins, & more. To head over to our sale page click here

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2016 Haibike Yamaha SDURO Closeout!

Welcome to the electric mountain bike revolution! Our pedal assisted e-mtb's by Haibike will leave you with an ear to ear smile. Powerful & efficient mid-drive system by Yamaha & Bosch provide incredible performance.

Some benefits of an electric mountain bike are:

Pedal assist - regardless of your skill level, the pedal assist system will allow you to climb hills and ride without being limited by your physical ability. Skilled riders can enter a new sport where motor assistance introduces new skill sets. Despite some nay sayers, maintaining higher speeds with an electric assisted bike on the trail isn't easy- especially at race pace!

Multi purpose - It's no secret that traffic is horrible on Oahu. Rip your Haibike on the trail then use it as a car replacement to get to work. Forget about gas, traffic, noise, insurance, etc. They are just as capable on the road as they are on the trail allowing you to cover serious distances with minimal effort.

Your health - Riding an electric assisted bike in place of driving can have serious improvements on your health. Studies have shown that the best kind of workout for your long term health is moderate sustained & consistant workouts. The pedal assist system gives you full control between zero assist and turbo model. Choose eco, or sport for a light boost.

Fun factor - An electric mountain bike will make you feel like a kid again. No longer are you restricted by your physical ability. Explore the island in a completely new way.

Ebikes Hawaii is Hawaii's exclusive Haibike dealer, offering the best of the Haibike lineup. We are also a certified Bosch service station and have extensive knowledge of the Yamaha system.

We are reaching the end of our 2016 Haibike SDURO Closeouts! Bullet proof Yamaha PW Drive system paired with Haibike's German engineering design and quality make these bikes a winner.

2016 SDURO Cross SM (basic commuter) $2199
2016 SDURO Cross SL (upgraded commuter) $2299
2016 SDURO Trekking RC (premium commuter) $3499

2016 SDURO All Mountain SL Large size only (150mm travel) $2999
2016 SDURO Full Nine RX Small size only $3599

 Full nine RX size Small only $3599

Full nine RX size Small only $3599

 All mtn SL Large only $2999

All mtn SL Large only $2999

 SDURO Cross SM - $2199

SDURO Cross SM - $2199

 SDURO Trekking RC - $3499

SDURO Trekking RC - $3499

The Rolls Royce of Electric Bikes NOW available for rental



The myth, the legend, the Stromer ST2 is HERE, and NOW available for you to try out!

We are happy to announce a special addition to our electric bike rental fleet here in Honolulu.

The latest and greatest in Electric bike technology has found its way to Oahu! Having won awards at both Eurobike and Taipei Cycle, the ST2 lives up to its Swiss built "tank-like" reputation down to the last detail. For those of you that don't know, this ebike has broken barriers in both design and technology, the first of it's kind to produce 93 miles of range, up to 28 mph of pedal-assisted speed, 750W of engine power and 35 nm of torque, all in an ebike that can cruise down any old bike lane!

We have tested this Swiss workhorse this summer, successfully riding from our Town bike shop all the way to Chinaman's Hat on just one battery. There is nothing like riding 28 mph on a bike that sends it's rider on a high-speed, exhilarating ebike experience that you  must try to understand.

Its Schwalbe "BigBen tires", puncture-proof and smooth as butter, help transform this 57.3-pound rocket into a smooth, road conquering vehicle that provides a similar feeling as an amusement park ride would. Don't discount the fact that the ST2 is pedal assist, still giving it's rider some exercise and endorphins, and disavowing any claims that you might be "cheating" by riding an electric bike.

The ST2 is available for rental from our Kapahulu bike shop, check out our "RENT A BIKE!" section to get more information on pricing, availability or call our rental office at (808) 744-4886 for more information. Mahalo!