Hand Crafted in England, the Brompton is the king of high class folding bicycles.
It's unique tri-fold design allows for incredible compactness and portability.
It is fully customizeable and small enough to carry with you on a plane!
Brompton is the #1 Bicycle Manufacturer in the UK

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Hand made in England, the Brompton folding bike has achieved cult following status around the world. It's iconic tri-fold design is elegant and super compact. With ultra-portability in mind, the bike is compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane! The bike is also infinity customizable to suit your needs and style.

Choose from a wide variety of frame materials, colors, handlebar options, seat post lengths, saddle options, cargo carriers, rear racks, fenders, lighting, & more. The signature front carrier block allows for the most convenient way to transport your luggage bag as it clips quickly to the head tube of the frame.

Quickly fold the bike up and stash it in your car or apartment. Never worry again about bike theft. Instead you can now bring the bike with you into the office or coffee shop and have it right by your side. This is the true portable nature of Brompton. We're not talking about type Dahon style folders here. The convenience is incomparable. Also coming next year is the all new Electric Brompton folding bicycle. We also ship to all outer islands!