Hand Crafted in England, the Brompton is the king of high class folding bicycles.
It's unique tri-fold design allows for incredible compactness. Did we mention it's fully customizeable?

2017 Standard Edition

Improved shifters. Simplified seat post clamp mechanism. Comfier seat. Modernized M handlebar. All at a lower price point. The 2017 Brompton lineup is the most compelling yet. Offering all new colors ways with tasteful improvements all across the board.


2017 Black Edition

The 2017 Black Edition harps on all of the improvements & new design with a sleek understated finish. Seat post, rear swing arm, crank set, wheels, fork, handlebars, etc. are custom painted to maintain a stealth look. 


2016 Standard Edition

Limited Quantity available. All 2016 models are now 15% off!