iZip Pro Tour (Closeout)

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iZip Pro Tour (Closeout)

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As low as $79 per month (36 month financing)
12 month zero interest for $200 per month

The IZIP E3 Protour electric bike is a super commuter that integrates COBI, the world's first connected biking system that utilizes your smartphone and all its functionality as an advanced display and eBike control system.


Integrated in every way. The IZIP Protour electric bike with the amazing COBI user interface gives you complete control of the powerful 500W TranzX M25 motor and its 28mph top speed through the convenience of your smartphone. Tap into all your data too; navigation, distance, calories burned, and even connect with friends and listen to music, all at the touch of a button! The IZIP E3 Protour is a Euro inspired ride, with the fully integrated battery pack neatly hidden in the downtube. At first glance, other riders may not even realize they’re being passed by an e-bike. But be warned, you might get a lot of questions if you stop for coffee!

  • Powerful Class-3 M25 motor offers 28mph top speed

  • Fully equipped with custom fenders, integrated rear pannier rack and lights make the bike an MVP

  • Fast rolling 29-inch wheels with durable trekking rubber give miles of worry free confidence

  • COBI provides onboard Bluetooth connectivity and data via smartphone based app

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