4WD Electric Skateboard - Acton QU4TRO

Every so often a product enters our doors that completely blows us away. The 4 wheel drive "QU4TRO" electric skateboard by Acton is one of those products. You may have heard that as of several months ago Ebikes Hawaii has decided to bring in some electric skateboards! With a deep rooted background in west coast skate culture it was only a matter of time before we took the plunge.

We had initially brought in the Blink S (affordable single motor e-skate), Blink S2 (dual motor), and Inboard M1 (dual motor long board with fully integrated battery), all which we very much liked and appreciated for different reasons. The Blink S was the most compact and portable. It is affordable, and great for that "last mile" transportation. The S2 was a step up, and one of our favorites. It featured 2 integrated hub wheels motors, along with a larger battery pack. The result was a board that was faster, could climb steeper hills, and could go longer distances. The slightly longer deck also helped with its stability in comparison to the S1.

The Inboard, on the other hand felt like a very premium product. It wasn't much faster than the S2, however the ride quality was very good. Out of Santa Cruz California, you could tell the engineers were long boarders themselves. The remote is well designed, and the deck itself is one of the cleanest in the business. It features a fully integrated battery that outputs to 2 "inboard" hub wheel motors. The battery is also swappable (the only board to do this currently that we know of) allowing for easy expandable range.

That should be enough, right? 3 boards, 3 different prices points all with its own qualities. Boy were we wrong. Introducing the all new QU4TRO by Acton, the worlds first QUAD MOTOR skateboard! . We are completely BLOWN away by this product. The amount of power, acceleration, and climbing ability on the QU4TRO is unbelievable. We had never felt anything like it, and frankly speaking, couldn't go back to anything else. Although packing tremendous heat, one of the most surprising features of the QU4TRO was its ride-ability. The ride is smooth, in fact one of the smoothest long boards I have ever ridden- thanks to its Tension suspension trucks. The deck is also the longest of the bunch, adding to its stability.

Visually the QU4TRO is something to behold. The deck itself integrates an upper carbon layer to what appears to be an aluminum chassis. The battery is fully integrated, and there are LED strips on each side. Headlight and tail light are also fully integrated. Think Green Goblin's hover-board ridden by James Franco in Spiderman 3. If batman had an electric skateboard, the QU4TRO would belong in the bat cave. Everything about the board feels and looks premium. 

Now onto one of the QU4TRO's best features, the POWER. We never knew we needed this much power, and like we said before, it will be tough to go back to anything else. Acton claimed 30% hill climbing grade on their website, and the real life testing backs this up. This is even steeper than what the new high end Boosted board is rated at with its external belt drive. The 4 in wheel motors accelerates the board up hills we would only dream of climbing. On a flat, the acceleration is also unreal. Believe it or not we have been keeping up with cars! From a stop the QU4TRO can easily out accelerate cars 0-23mph. Bottom line is you will not be wishing you had more power and it puts this board in a class of its own. You really aren't limited by how steep the hills are, or how far you have to go (with its 22 mile range).

Lastly, the remote. Thank you acton for updating / upgrading the remote on the QU4TRO. Although the Blink S & S2 remotes aren't terrible, the new "Acton Joy Stick" is much better in its ergonomics and throttle precision. It provides improved bluetooth connectivity, led indicator for remote battery life, a larger throttle wheel, and overall a better in-hand feel. See photo below.

IMG_1125 2.jpg