2018 Haibike Yamaha All Mtn PW-X Has Arrived!

First ride on the All Mtn 6.0!

First ride on the All Mtn 6.0!

The highly anticipated PW-X powered All Mtn Haibike has hit the shelves! Building off of one of our more popular Haibike models of the previous year, the new all mtn has been updated with slacker geometry, a longer top tube, plus wheels/tires, and of course the all new Yamaha motor.

Re-wind one year and the Bosch Performance Line CX motor was our number 1 pick for performance. And it also came with a price point to match that high end performance. Bosch being one of the biggest names in the game provided an outstanding product for the masses and has been adopted by many manufacturer's as their flagship ebike mid-drive system.

The previous PW system by Yamaha gave us a more affordable alternative while still giving us about 90% (give or take) of the performance of the Bosch system. For casual riders, this performance gap may be a complete non issue as the PW was still plenty capable. A few advantages that the more affordable Yamaha did have over the Bosch however was its increased range / efficiency & no drag from the motor when pedaling (with the power turned off).

Fast-forward to today and we now have the direct competitor to the Bosch CX performance line, the Yamaha PW-X. Power has been increased. The motor/system itself has shaved weight, making it one of the best if not the best weight to power ratio systems in its class. The cranks have been upgraded from square taper to ISIS, and ratcheting of the engagement has been dramatically reduced. The display has been updated as well with its new EXPW (expert) power mode.

Our initial thoughts on this system are very positive. Although the Bosch CX does seem to edge out the PW-X in high cadence power, the difference is now very marginal. However the smooth power application, efficiency (range), and new display are things that we do like more on the Yamaha side. You really can't go wrong with either option, and the All Mtn 6.0 priced at $4400 makes it a very compelling alternative to its Bosch counterparts.